STAO Safety Mindedness Teacher Training Resource -Updated with Closed Captioning!!!

Closed Captioning Update

The STAO Safety Mindedness (SSM) program is an interactive online training program to train teachers on common safety-related issues in a typical Science (Grades 9–12) and Science and Technology (Grades K–8) programs. SSM is an easy to use, flexible and cost-effective strategy to meet your school’s safety training needs. The training provided by this program helps promote a culture of safety mindedness in your school. SSM has just been updated to include closed captioning.


Both the elementary and secondary versions of SSM are divided into 8 convenient modules.  The content of each module is consistent with STAO’s safety reference texts, ‘Safety in Elementary Science and Technology’ and ‘Safe On Science, Second Edition’.

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SSM is available, free of charge, to all teachers and can be accessed from the STAO website, blog, or via the following links.  School boards are encouraged to run SSM off their internal servers at no cost.  Contact for details.

School Board Customization Services Available.

SSM can be customized to include board-specific content, e.g., logos, inserts (customization charges will apply). Contact for details.


Flinn Scientific Canada Offers Free GHS Course

flinn logoFlinn Scientific Canada’s GHS Training for Canadian Science Educators, is a free online safety training course that provides educators with a clear understanding of the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling (GHS) and explains how GHS has been integrated with Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System to create WHMIS 2015. The course helps teachers meet Health Canada’s GHS training requirements and supports WHMIS 2015 guidelines for ongoing chemical safety training in schools.

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June 2016 Flinn Scientific Canada GHS Course_ press release_FINAL