The best screen for every classroom! Try it and love it.

This website provides a screen for teachers to use in their classroom. It includes several tools along the bottom of the screen including: a timer and clock, a random name generator and even a sound level monitor! I think this screen is great for both primary and secondary teachers. It provides a lot of similar features to smart notebook, which is great for any teachers who do not have access to this. Continue reading

Homemade Projector

spangler projectorUse magnification to turn a smartphone and cardboard box into a DIY projector.

Smartphones are used more frequently than for watching videos than ever before, but sometimes you just want a bigger viewing area. For those strapped for cash or in the mood to do something creative, you can construct your own Homemade Projector. All the project takes is a cardboard box, a smart phone, and a few basic tools. The result is a real, working projector that you’ve made with your own hands!

Click here for a Steve Spangler video that shows how to build the projector. 

See more at:

Let us know how this worked in your classroom.

Pneumatic Toys: How to Build Toys Out of Wood with Your Children

stans book2>>> A book review by Sylvia Welke.

Stan Taylor, a long-time science teacher, STAO member, and contributor, has written a great little manual for building cool toys that demonstrate the principle of the multiplication of force. Not only can this instructive manual assist teachers with the grade 8 science curriculum through its hands-on activities but it can also be useful for secondary physics units on force. You can tell that Stan had a great time creating these toys with his grandchildren (his interspersed anecdotes attest to this) and we are lucky that he decided to share his building skills and physics knowledge. It is a great resource for anyone with an interest in building fun toys. Continue reading