An Eggsperiment

Hen on nest

The egg’s structure is very important for its function and survival.  It rolls for incubation (otherwise, the egg only develops on one side and will not survive), yet it can structurally withstand being sat upon and bumped into other eggs in the nest.  The shape of the egg allows the smaller head of the bird to fit into the pointy part when developing and the more rounded body to fit into the bulbous part of the shell.

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House Builders International

builder 123rfWritten by Alanna Bolotta

Congratulations! You have just been hired by a company that specializes in building and selling homes in different climate zones across the globe! This company is famous for building homes of different structural types (frame, solid, shell, combination) and having a creative ability to accommodate for the unique external forces that exist in areas with different climates.
For your first project, you will work in pairs. You will be assigned a specific climate zone, two specific types of structures, and a specific external force.  As a pair, you will design 2 structures (and 2 posters), one of each type, considering the climate zone and the external force that will be applied. Click on the link below for Alanna’s complete lesson.

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