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Our Women in STEM

These are just a handful of some incredible Canadian women working in various STEM fields. Their backgrounds are diverse, their challenges are varied, but they have the same goal: to be the best versions of themselves. Please explore and learn about our honorary women scientists, engineers, and esteemed community experts.


 Learning about STEM fields is important for young people everywhere. As our world becomes more global and technology continues to advance exponentially, STEM fields and their associated careers will thrive. It opens opportunities everywhere, not to mention the value of tangible knowledge about bodies, mechanics, computers, and the world.

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Creating a STEAM Classroom | STAO Connex

My journey in creating and developing a STEAM classroom started in 2012.  The video posted was filmed at STAO2012.  The demonstration was a simple task where we build a grape masher and have STAO participants try out the device, ask questions, and develop an activity they can bring back to their classroom.  This video shows a start on how you introduce STEAM in your classroom.  After using a prebuilt grape masher, students can redesign the grape masher and improve a variety of variables of their choosing e.g., speed, force, etc.

Fast forward to 2015.  Thanks to an NSERC grant, Project Innovation participants were given a box filled with tools and materials.  The task was to bring the box back into the classroom and use it.  My catalyst was to demonstrate how a box of tools and materials could be used to improve student learning by applying what they have learned in a design challenge.  The design challenge was to build a water filter to remove particulate from a water sample.

by Florence Ho

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Source: Creating a STEAM Classroom | STAO Connex