Hazard and Risk – How they differ

A lot of jargon is used when talking about risk and some of this can be confusing. In the discussion about chemicals, the words “risk” and “hazard” are very often used as if interchangeable. In this brochure we offer our understanding of the difference between these expressions, appreciation of which is fundamental to informed debate on the safety of chemical products and processes.

This article by Cefic – The European Chemical Industry Council provides an excellent yet simple overview of the difference between these terms.

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Risk Management: The Art of Saying How

This is the first in OSBIE’s new series of Risk Management Podcasts. These sessions will help everyone to understand risk and to gain an appreciation of some of the common, preventable risks associated with school board operations across Ontario.

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What is OSBIE?

The Ontario School Boards’ Insurance Exchange (OSBIE) is a school board owned, non-profit insurance program with 106 members, representing 78 school boards and 28 Joint Ventures in Ontario. The primary goals of the Exchange are to insure member school boards against losses, and to promote safe school practices.