Steve Spangler Ultimate Can Crush

On this episode of The Spangler Effect, fire, ice and a steel drum are all Steve needs for his final experiment. But don’t worry… you’ll learn how to perform the classic Can Crusher trick using an ordinary soda can and a little atmospheric pressure. Get a behind the scenes look at what happens as Steve and his team prepare for his next appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres Show.
The Spangler Effect
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The Pressure is On!

Water tap

Air takes up space, has weight, and has pressure. These properties of air create forces that affect structures and can create natural phenomena that affect our way of life and have effects on our weather. The following experiment may give you some insight into the role air pressure plays on structures and the weather around us. Air pressure can be explained by Pascal’s law that says that the force of air acts the same in all directions. We don’t normally feel air pressure because the air pressure is evenly distributed all over and against our skin.

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Hopping Pop Cans, ala Bernouli

Moving air can pack a powerful force, especially when Bernoulli’s Principle is involved.

The Soda Can Jump experiment uses Bernouli’s awesome principle to launch an empty soda can out of a coffee mug. It’s a hands-on experience in physics that you won’t want to miss. See Steve Spangler’s website for more details about how this works.  Read more…

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