Color Changing Carnations – Sick Science! #020 Steve Spangler

Where does the water go when a plant is watered? With this experiment, children can discover for themselves how essential the functions of roots and stems are to plant growth. As the colored water is absorbed, students will be able to see how the water is absorbed into the plant and the petals of the carnation change color. Continue reading

The Changing Seasons


48075140 - the changing leaves bring splashes of color to the historic kirby's mill pond in medford, nj.

Most students can identify the seasons but are not always aware of the characteristics of each season.  They know that they must put on a coat in the winter and wear a hat in the summer but may not be able to recognize that plants, animals, and people adapt to the changing seasons in different ways.

Brainstorm with the class

  • Help students recall the names of the four seasons and list them on the board.
  • Discuss characteristics such as temperature, weather conditions, and how animals, plants, and humans respond to these changes.
  • Show students the pictures of different nature scenes and have them categorize them according to which season might be pictured and why.

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Let Plants Grow Your Curriculum

Earth Day and The Lorax

Written by Bree Chaput, a 2015 Galbraith winner from Wilfrid Laurier University.

This article consists of a series of lessons that show the integration between the grade 3 Science unit of Growth and Changes in Plants and Religion, Math (length, perimeter, and area), and Language around the big idea of Plants and Stewardship. This is certainly not all of the connections and opportunities for integration, but these are where my student inquiries led.

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