Physics Equations

Everywhere that physics is discussed it is safe to presume that the language of mathematics is never too far away. If we were to eavesdrop on these conversations, whether they occur in front of a blackboard or seated at a cafe with large enough napkins, we would not be surprised to hear and see the most instantly recognizable part of the language of mathematics: equations.

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Wrapper Worm – Sick Science! #175

You can have a ton of science fun with a straw. You can make it into a blow gun, using the properties of air, or it can double as a pipette when your lab has run out. But did you know you can perform some awesome hands-on science with the straw’s wrapper, too? It’s true. With the Wrapper Worm, we’ll reveal how to turn an ordinary straw wrapper into a growing worm!


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Friction Activity Grade 4-6


Friction is the force that resists the movement of one material over another. It occurs when objects rub against each other. Friction is a force that is beneficial for many everyday activities, such as walking without slipping, the operation of brakes for vehicles, or writing on a chalkboard.

Some of the harmful effects of friction include the wearing out of shoes and clothing because of rubbing together, overheating of machine parts because of too much friction or increased work because extra force is needed to overcome friction.

It is often possible to increase or decrease the amount of friction between two surfaces. Friction between two surfaces can be reduced by making the surfaces smoother or by adding a lubricant such as oil, grease, soap or wax between the surfaces.

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Norway considers building submerged floating tunnels you drive through

norway-tunnelsIf you’ve ever taken a trip to Norway then you know what a fjord is–a long narrow body of water with very steep sides making crossing them quite the challenge. Norway’s coastline is 2,500km, but if you count the fjords it skyrockets to 29,000km. So basically, there’s a lot of them.

If you want to travel in a car from the north to the south of the country it will require several ferry trips to get across the fjords. This adds hours to a journey, and it’s a problem the Norwegian government wants to fix without the population opting to fly everywhere or use longer travel routes.

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