Five Firsts for Mars InSight – by Veritasium

Mars InSight will be the first to detect seismic activity on Mars’ surface, first to measure rate of heat transmitted from interior, first to dig nearly 5m down, first to measure magnetic fields on Mars’ surface, and first to use a robotic arm to place instruments on the surface of Mars (assuming it lands of course…) Continue reading

Touchdown on Mars: InSight probe completes historic landing – Globe and Mail

The 358-kilogram InSight probe is the eighth spacecraft to successfully land on Mars without apparent mishap, but it is not yet certain whether it will be able to fulfill its mission to study the planet’s deep interior

Source: Touchdown on Mars: InSight probe completes historic landing

Chris Hadfield says Mars missions pose psychological challenges

Chris Hadfield says the psychological ramifications of being so far from Earth will play a big part in missions to Mars. Some of Canada’s current and former astronauts spoke at an event at the University of Ottawa on Friday.

Source: Chris Hadfield says Mars missions pose psychological challenges

Mars is on its way closer to Earth — and you can see it for yourself | CBC News

If you’ve taken a look at the southeastern sky after midnight recently, you may have noticed what appears to be a red star rising in the east. But that’s no star. It’s Mars — and it is about to get closer to Earth than it has been in a very long time. Continue reading

Engineering, psychology and ‘lots of poo’: How NASA is tackling Mars mission’s mind-bending to-do list | CBC News

To make a crewed Mars mission possible, there are incredibly complex problems that need to be solved. Here are some of the things at the top of NASA’s to-do list, and how engineers and psychologists are figuring them out. Continue reading