By Erin Turner…..


The nature of physics experiments (in the high school classroom) creates a perfect situation to allow students to generate their own testable questions. Many of the safety concerns that might exist in other disciplines can often be avoided when teaching classical physics, as the materials are much more benign. Continue reading

Friction Activity Grade 4-6


Friction is the force that resists the movement of one material over another. It occurs when objects rub against each other. Friction is a force that is beneficial for many everyday activities, such as walking without slipping, the operation of brakes for vehicles, or writing on a chalkboard.

Some of the harmful effects of friction include the wearing out of shoes and clothing because of rubbing together, overheating of machine parts because of too much friction or increased work because extra force is needed to overcome friction.

It is often possible to increase or decrease the amount of friction between two surfaces. Friction between two surfaces can be reduced by making the surfaces smoother or by adding a lubricant such as oil, grease, soap or wax between the surfaces.

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Myth Busters Take on … The Table Cloth Trick and Inertia

Speed of pull and position of fabric factor in when you’re pulling a tablecloth out from under a bottle, but does type of fabric? Adam Savage is on the case.

Adam Savage carefully constructs the tablecloth Jamie Hyneman will pull out from under a fully set table … using a motorcycle.

You never knew Jamie Hyneman was a motorcycle man, did you?! Hear what he and Adam Savage have to say about the Tablecloth Chaos shoot and its results.