Internal and External Forces and The Three Little Pigs

archBy Susan Ibdah

This paper outlines a cross-curricular lesson between Science and Language Arts. The focus is internal forces and external forces acting on structures. Students will apply their knowledge of forces and stabilization to build houses in the context of the True Story of the Three Little Pigs. Continue reading

Interactive Science Notebooks – Building Paper Bridges Grade 5

bridge from 123rf

By Lisa Ng.


As the need arises for educators to teach beyond the surface of the iceberg, a new era of documentation between the teacher and students have emerged – the Interactive Science notebook. Interactive notebooks are about more than gluing sheets on paper, they are about creating opportunities where each student can show their own voice and express their own ideas.  And realize that what they say MATTERS.
Click on the link below for a full 3-part INB lesson on building paper bridges in the classroom (Grade 5 – Forces acting on Structures and Mechanisms)

Link to document