Why Don’t Birds Lay Square Eggs?

What is ”egg-shaped” even? I used to think it was the shape of a chicken egg. Then one day I saw a collection of eggs from lots of different bird species, and I realized just how many different kind of egg shapes there really are! I had to know why. And it turns out a couple teams of scientists had wondered the same thing. Here’s what science says about why eggs are egg-shaped, if that’s even a thing, which I’ve learned it might not be. Evolution of bird eggs, go!

World’s First Car! and Car Safety- Veritasium

Physics is something that is directly applicable to car safety. Cars go fast, but they also sometimes collide with obstacles, which brings them to a sudden stop, subjecting the car and occupants to very high accelerations, which can cause injury or death. So the major idea to improve car safety is to reduce these accelerations and there are a number of ways to do this: Continue reading

Why Don’t Ants Get Stuck In Traffic?

Go to http://Raceforretirement.com and see how the action gap affects you.
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CGP Grey “The Simple Solution to Traffic” https://youtu.be/iHzzSao6ypE
ASAPscience “How Not To Get Stuck In Traffic” https://youtu.be/APkpiO0QQ_k

Lauren Reid – Finalist in The Next Einstein Competition… Voting Ends Today

lauren reid imageGreat news!  Ontario’s own Lauren Reid is a finalist in “The Next Einstein” Competition.  Lauren was invited by STAO to take part in our Saturday Extravaganza during our Conference last November.

Lauren’s submission to the competition is called “Increase Airfoil Circulation to Triple Wind Energy from Wind Turbines”.

Click here to find out more about Laura’s submission

Voting ends May 4.


Ryerson Engineering Expo

14111812-car-engine-part--close-up-image-of-an-internal-combustion-engineRyerson Engineering Expo takes place March 18, 2016. The Expo will showcase current engineering student design projects and team competition entries such as the Ryerson Formula Racing, Ryerson Concrete Toboggan, and more! This is an exciting opportunity for high school students to meet with our current students and hear first-hand about their projects and experiences at Ryerson.

  • Date: March 18
  • Time: 11:00 am to 2:00 pm
  • Location: Ryerson’s George Vari Engineering and Computing Centre

See more information, and register at Discover Ryerson.

Webinar on gravitational waves takes place March 9th at 3 pm. This webinar is free and will be recorded for those who cannot attend live. For more information and register, here.

Travel the world, earn professional development credit, and bring global understanding into your classroom! Global Exploration for Educators Organization (GEEO) is a non-profit organization that has sent over 1300 teachers abroad on adventurous travel programs. Detailed information can be found here.
NOTE: There is a cost for this item.

Information about 3-D printing is available here.

Fast Motion Studios offers field trips. More Information.