2019 International Year of the Periodic Table Timeline of Elements | University of Waterloo Chemistry

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Creating an Element Superhero or Villain

villans potassium««« written by Ana Pereira Neves.

Curriculum Connection:

This activity is intended for Grade 9 D/P level courses.

Introduction:In this activity, you will create a poster of a Superhero or Villain based on an element in the periodic table with an atomic number of 20 or less.

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The Four “New” Elements & How We Got Them

The periodic table just got four new elements, but this isn’t as groundbreaking as recent headlines would have you believe. Join Speaking of Chemistry’s resident killjoy to find out why.

Seriously, though, this is some really cool chemistry. We want to thank C&EN’s elemental expert Jyllian Kemsley and chemist/chemical linguist Shawn Burdette of Worcester Polytechnic Institute for their help with this episode.

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Seventh Row Of The Periodic Table Is Now Complete With Addition Of Four Elements | C&EN

How Pee Brought You The Modern World

You might not believe it, but there was a time when urine, yes urine, was prized by chemists. Pee played a part in some of the most significant discoveries in science, and it helped shape the modern world. This week, Reactions looks at the reasons why pee was once the “number one” material in chemistry

Bohr-Rutherford Models don’t have to be so “Bohring”

Practicing Bohr-Rutherford diagrams can be a “bohring” and repetitive activity, but interpretive dance can shake things up. Let’s get students out of their desks and working as collaborative teams to share knowledge and create success criteria. Continue reading