The Facts About Dinosaurs & Feathers

Over the past 20 years, dinosaurs of all types and sizes have been found with some sort of fluff or even full-on plumage. These fuzzy discoveries have raised a whole batch of new questions so we’re here to tell you everything we know about dinosaurs and feathers. Continue reading

How Did Dinosaurs Get So Huge?

Part of why we’re so fascinated with extinct dinosaurs it’s just hard for us to believe that animals that huge actually existed. And yet, they existed! From the Jurassic to the Cretaceous Periods, creatures as tall as a five-story building were shaking the Earth.

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Bigger than Brontasaurus – Dreadnoughtus!

Image Courtesy of Jennifer Hall

Image Courtesy of Jennifer Hall

In September 2014, paleontologists working in Patagonia, Argentina, uncovered what may be the largest known animal ever to walk the Earth.  The dinosaur, named Dreadnoughtus schrani, had an estimated mass of 59 tonnes – equivalent to seven African bull elephants. It was also about 26 metres long – almost as long as a Boeing 737.  Dreadnoughtus was a herbivore and likely spent most of its day eating huge quantities of plants just to keep up its massive bulk.  Dreadnoughtus also had a long muscular tail that could sweep away predators in one powerful swipe.

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