Blue-Bottle Reaction

Courtesy of Amanda, Wikimedia Commons

Courtesy of Amanda Slater, Wikimedia Commons


««« By James Palcik

A solution is prepared containing a dye. The dye, methylene blue, is colourless in a reduced state. Upon shaking the solution, the dye is oxidized and displays a blue colour. As the solution stands undisturbed, the dye fades to colourless as it is reduced. The cycle may be repeated over and over.
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STAO Safety Mindedness Teacher Training Resource Update

STAO’s Safety Mindedness Program, the leading safety training program for Ontario Science teachers has been updated.   Safety Mindedness now works seamlessly on virtually any device.  Gestures like screen shrinking and expanding now works on tablets and phones. Continue reading

STAO Safety Mindedness Teacher Training Resource


The STAO Safety Mindedness program is an interactive online training program to train teachers on common safety-related issues in a typical Science (Grades 9–12) and Science and Technology (Grades K–8) programs.  The training provided by this program helps promote a culture of safety mindedness in Science

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Sodium in Water Demo – A Safer Alternative

The reaction of sodium and water can be quite vigorous and potentially dangerous if appropriate safety precautions are not followed.  The reaction is also so fast that students often have difficulty observing it.  Here’ a slower and more controlled version of the demo that will captivate your students.  It’s key ingredient is mineral oil.




Courtesy of By David Muelheims

By David Muelheims

««« Contributed by James Palcik

Chemiluminescence is an unusual chemical property in that it allows certain compounds to spontaneously give off light.  In this demo, hydrogen peroxide is added to a luminol solution in a darkened room. The resulting chemical reaction produces a blue light that lasts for several minutes.

Curriculum Connection: Grade 10 Chemistry, Academic and Applied; Grade 11 and 12U Chemistry. This activity examines the concept of Energy of Reactions. Continue reading