Nitrogen Triiodide (touch powder) – Periodic Table of Videos

This video shows the detonation of nitrogen triiodide, a shock-sensitive chemical.  The chemistry of this reaction is fascinating.  However, this demo is not recommended for the typical high school science lab due to the instability of the compound and the extensive safety precautions required. Continue reading

The Foaming Pumpkin Demo – Flinn Scientific Canada

Since Halloween is around the corner, here’s a popular demo that is certainly engage your students.

Place a beaker of green solution inside a plastic pumpkin, add a mysterious yellow liquid and stand back! Foamy ooze and steam will erupt out of the pumpkin’s eyes and nose.

Please note that this demo requires a 30% hydrogen peroxide solution, which is severely corrosive.  Be sure to follow the safety precautions contained in the activity instructions.

Click here to download the complete activity