Compound Interest – submitted by Joanne O’Meara

This cool site uses easy to understand graphics to explore everyday chemistry and beyond. In particular, the site provides an great summary of the 2019 science-based Nobel prizes (Physics, Chemistry, Medicine/Physiology) that teachers might
find useful in their classrooms.

Source: Compound Interest

Thanks for suggesting this great idea Joanne!!!!!!!!!

Invisible Fire Extinguisher and Measuring Lung Capacity – 2 Lessons

Written by Bradley Robins, 2015 Galbraith winner from Brock University.

Invisible Fire Extinguisher

Invisible Fire Extinguisher

Demonstrate the production of gas, specifically carbon dioxide, from the chemical reaction of baking soda and vinegar. The effect this gas has on fire and its density compared to air will be explored. This experiment is another version of the splint test activity, which is commonly done in grade 9 to investigate the properties of various gases.

Measuring Lung Capacity

Measuring lung capacity

Investigate lung capacity and learn to measure it using a spirometer. Trends that exist within the collected data will be identified, discussed, and explored further.

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