Top Secret: Journalist Dossier on Household Chemicals

household productsBy Christine Russell

Curriculum Connection: Grade 11 Chemistry (SCH3U) — Solutions and Solubility

In this activity, students investigate the active ingredients in hazardous household products, e.g., cleaners, disinfectants and possible safer alternatives.  Continue reading

Guidelines for Safer Demonstrations

stao safety triangleDemonstrations are an integral part of any science program.  These activities engage students and help bring the “real world” into the classroom. STAO has recently developed a collection of safe demonstrations/activities for grades 9 and 10 that have been designed to challenge students’ thinking as well as initiate lively classroom discussions that support constructivist learning. These short demonstrations/activities often involve discrepant events related to the topic of focus in the grades 9 and 10 science curriculum, that may surprise students and that can be observed and/or investigated safely by students in the classroom.  These demonstrations/activities are available for free download at

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