Creating an Element Superhero or Villain

villans potassium««« written by Ana Pereira Neves.

Curriculum Connection:

This activity is intended for Grade 9 D/P level courses.

Introduction:In this activity, you will create a poster of a Superhero or Villain based on an element in the periodic table with an atomic number of 20 or less.

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Mystery of 2,000-year-old Roman concrete solved by scientists | The Independent

Seawater makes ancient concrete stronger, so it lasts while modern structures crumble into the sea. Researchers have now discovered that elements in the volcanic substance react with sea water, strengthening the material  2,000 years after they were first erected, Ancient Roman harbours made from concrete are still standing across Europe.  Continue reading

Top Secret: Journalist Dossier on Household Chemicals

household productsBy Christine Russell

Curriculum Connection: Grade 11 Chemistry (SCH3U) — Solutions and Solubility

In this activity, students investigate the active ingredients in hazardous household products, e.g., cleaners, disinfectants and possible safer alternatives.  Continue reading