The Foaming Pumpkin Demo – Flinn Scientific Canada

Since Halloween is around the corner, here’s a popular demo that is certainly engage your students.

Place a beaker of green solution inside a plastic pumpkin, add a mysterious yellow liquid and stand back! Foamy ooze and steam will erupt out of the pumpkin’s eyes and nose.

Please note that this demo requires a 30% hydrogen peroxide solution, which is severely corrosive.  Be sure to follow the safety precautions contained in the activity instructions.

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Oozing Pumpkins – Sick Science!

By Steve Spangler

Sick Science - Steve Spangler

Sick Science – Steve Spangler

It’s an awesome new Halloween twist on our Kid-Friendly Elephant’s Toothpaste experiment! With this demonstration, you’ll have an awesome foaming ooze seeping from the face of your jack-o-lantern and squeals of excitement coming from the face of your audience. Continue reading