University science, tech programs should be reformed to appeal to more women: report. Globe and Mail

Canada-United States Council for Advancement of Women Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders urges new methods of teaching STEM subjects as early as middle school

Source: University science, tech programs should be reformed to appeal to more women: report

Science Careers: An Interview with an Biomedical Engineer

Submitted by Leila Knetsch, TDSB.

Interview done by Gr. 11 student Amy Cao from Albert Campbell CI

Amy is a student of Leila Knetsch, her Biology teacher.  Amy called up the university, asked for the name of a female biomedical engineer and went downtown and did this interview.  I think that that shows a lot of initiative from my student and I think that people (students and teachers) can benefit from hearing about what different scientists are doing, especially in the area of biomedical engineering, which is garnering a lot of interest amongst students, especially young women.

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Thanks to Leila Knetsch of TDSB for the idea…..

Our Women in STEM

These are just a handful of some incredible Canadian women working in various STEM fields. Their backgrounds are diverse, their challenges are varied, but they have the same goal: to be the best versions of themselves. Please explore and learn about our honorary women scientists, engineers, and esteemed community experts.


 Learning about STEM fields is important for young people everywhere. As our world becomes more global and technology continues to advance exponentially, STEM fields and their associated careers will thrive. It opens opportunities everywhere, not to mention the value of tangible knowledge about bodies, mechanics, computers, and the world.

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Interview with Dr. Ulyana Horodyskyj – Glaciologist

Dr. Horodyskyj is the CEO of Science in the Wild (Boulder, Colorado). This is a citizen science adventure company. Prior to this, she held a post-doc position at the National Snow and Ice Data Center based in Boulder, Colorado. Currently, she is taking people on expeditions around the world and educating them in field science methods, as well as teaching at Colorado College as visiting faculty. Continue reading