Canadian astronaut David Saint-Jacques takes 1st spacewalk – CBC News

Canadian astronaut David Saint-Jacques is taking his first spacewalk this morning.  Saint-Jacques and U.S. astronaut Anne McClain tackled battery and cable work outside the International Space Station on Monday. It was the third spacewalk in just 2½ weeks for the space station crew. Today’s walk is expected to last 6½ hours. Continue reading

‘David is an astronaut now’: Canadian blasts off on mission to International Space Station

Canadian David Saint-Jacques made his maiden voyage into space, joining Russian and American teammates for a launch from Baikonur, Kazakhstan. Here’s what you need to know

Source: ‘David is an astronaut now’: Canadian blasts off on mission to International Space Station

The Future of Spacesuits

The current NASA spacesuits use gas to maintain atmospheric pressure inside the suit. While necessary for the astronauts to survive, it makes the suits very difficult to work in. MIT astronautics engineer Dava Newman has developed a solution: A flexible, protective suit that applies the pressure needed directly to the astronaut’s body. Her suit will give astronauts new flexibility and range of motion as we look forward towards the exploration of other planets.

By: World Science Festival Staff

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