Nikola Tesla: AC Powerhouse


The Hamilton Ontario – Tesla “Connection” 

Did you know that the city of Hamilton was the 1st major city in Canada to have AC electrical power? Current flowed for the first time on August 25, 1898. All thanks to Nikola Tesla. Pretty cool, right?

The Nikola Tesla Education Corporation

The goal of this organization is to spread the knowledge about Nikola Tesla’s work to the public through various mediums, so that our youth can learn about the inventions and the body of knowledge he has left behind.  Click here to find out more…..

50 000 Volts! 

And for dessert, click on this Steve Spangler video for a cool Tesla Coil Experimenttestla
Special thanks to Jelena of the STAO Secondary Committee for these electrifying thoughts on one of the most important inventors in recent history.