Static Electricity STSE Jigsaw SNC1D1 – submitted by Michael Balzer

This lesson is used for students to analyse the design of a technological device that protects other devices by using or controlling static electricity (such as paint sprayers, photocopiers, lightning rods or grounding wires).  I use this lesson near the beginning of the electricity unit in SNC1D1, after introducing static electricity and charging by friction, contact and induction.

Static Electricity – STSE Jigsaw – Click here to download the entire lesson

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Halloween Science Fun with Steve Spangler on 9News – YouTube

We hear bubbling potions which can only mean one thing… our science guy Steve Spangler is in the 9NEWS kitchen. It’s estimated that over 175 million Americans will participate in Halloween activities this year spending over $9 billion on all that fun. Every year our 9NEWS viewers turn to Steve Spangler to help add just the right science twist to their Halloween celebration. Continue reading

From Steel to Sword–Here’s How Blacksmiths Mold Metal – YouTube

This video was created in celebration of this year’s National Chemistry Week theme: Marvelous Metals. Learn more about it here:

This week on Reactions we head to Portland, Oregon, and learn how blacksmithing is just as much chemistry as it is an artform. Continue reading

Why Do Humans Like to Get High? – YouTube

“We’ve told you before that there really isn’t any evidence that animals consume mind-altering substances because they feel good to them. This makes it appear that the fondness for psychoactive drugs is, pretty…human. What is it about our species that makes us so attracted to these substances?”

Hosted by: Hank Green

STAO 2020 Logos – submitted by Amy Gorecki

STAO2020 is excited to announce the reveal of the new STAO2020 logo! With this reveal, our extreme gratitude goes out to our designer, Tatijana Vukovic. Tatijana is a former student of our STAO2020 Speaker Committee Co-Chair, Christian Cepeda. Click on the link below to read find out more about Tatijana!

More info about Tatijana

Well done Tatijana.  Thank you so much for your efforts in helping STAO/APSO promote science education in Ontario!

Link to conference info 

Keep the dates:  March 26 and 27, 2020