Designing an Evolution Website | STAO Connex by Ana Pereira Neves

Wix is a technology tool that allows students to design creative, engaging, and interactive websites using class content.

Technology Focus: Website Design using

Level: This tool provides teachers and students with many simple tutorials that highlight its features.  Some prior knowledge of website design is useful, but not required to use this tool.


Wix can be used in different units in the science curriculum as an assessment of learning tool.  This resource will specifically demonstrate the use of Wix as an assessment of learning tool in the evolution unit of the SBI3U course. Continue reading

Using D2L as a Blended Learning Platform for SNC1D and SPH4U | STAO Connex by Jeff Wellman

Futurists predict that those who work in jobs that require lower education and lower skill sets have a higher chance to have their jobs lost or restructured while those that require greater education or are highly skilled will be less affected. There is a growing urgency now because the discussion has moved from the theoretical to the observable.  Continue reading

One million species facing extinction, posing a risk to human well-being: UN report – The Globe and Mail

The landmark assessment by the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services says that nature and the benefits it provides are in unprecedented decline and can be reversed, but only with a co-ordinated international effort

Source: One million species facing extinction, posing a risk to human well-being: UN report – The Globe and Mail

Tree rings show human effect on climate goes back more than a century – The Globe and Mail

Tree rings can measure past climate because trees are sensitive to soil moisture. Scientists found over the past 120 years North America, Australia and the Mediterranean have been getting drier while parts of Asia, including India and western China, have been getting wetter Continue reading