Live Safe Work Smart Photo Contest

Lights, camera, and action! A reminder to enter the It’s Your Job student video contest

The Ministry of Labour will continue to accept entries for the 2018/19 It’s Your Job video contest untilMarch 4, 2019. All Ontario secondary school students are eligible to participate.

Encourage your students to develop an original video that can be used on social media to illustrate the importance of working safely on the job.

If you need ideas, the optional theme for this year is “The business case for health and safety.” Inspire your students to show how workplace health and safety can improve the bottom-line for businesses and make it easier for businesses to grow and prosper.

Students and their schools can win cash prizes, as well as provincial and national recognition. The first place video in the national contest will premiere at the North American Occupational Safety and Health (NAOSH) Week launch ceremony on May 6, 2019.

Visit the contest page to learn more about the contest and prizes and check out our winners from previous years for some inspiration.


Slowmation – A Narrated Stop Motion Teaching Tool

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How a science fair project helped wake up adults to teen sleep deprivation ‘epidemic’ | CBC News

Lack of sleep has become a huge problem for Canadian adolescents, says a Sick Kids sleep expert, adding that, ‘in 20 years time, we’re going to see a whole generation of adults who are functioning sub-optimally.’

Source: How a science fair project helped wake up adults to teen sleep deprivation ‘epidemic’ | CBC News

New ‘planetary health diet’ can save lives and the planet, major review suggests – CNN

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The “planetary health diet” is based on cutting red meat and sugar consumption in half and upping intake of fruits, vegetables and nuts.

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