🔍 Experiment of The Week – Homemade Projector by Steve Spangler

If you’ve watched videos on a smartphone, then you know it can be tough to truly enjoy a show on such a small screen.  For those who are in the mood to do something creative, you can make your own projector. All you need is a cardboard box, a smart phone with videos, and a few basic tools.

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Source: 🔍 Experiment of The Week – Homemade Projector

The Leakproof Bag | Experiments | Steve Spangler Science

Who would have ever thought that a plastic bag, some water, and a few pencils would have adults screaming with fear? Learn how to poke holes in a plastic bag filled with water without spilling a drop. Well, that’s the theory you’re going to test… and it’s wise to practice your liquid trick over the sink. It’s a cool way to learn about the chemistry of polymers. Continue reading