OTF Summer Institutes for Teachers


The OTF Summer Institutes, with the support of the Ministry of Education, are back. These three-day institutes give teachers the time to learn, reflect on classroom practice, and collaborate with peers. STAO is presenting the workshops described below as part of the OTF Summer Institutes 2018.


July 30 – Aug 1, Brock University  


Science & Innovation in the Kindergarten Classroom (Kindergarten)

Join members of the STAO Kindergarten writing team to explore inquiry and technological design, as well as coding and robotics to see how they might unfold in the classroom and connect to the four frames. Participants will experience interactive, hands-on invitations for learning that support and extend student thinking. We will use different picture books, tools, and materials to spark innovation. This will be an inspiring way to prepare for September!


Aug 8-10, Western University  


Full STEAM Ahead! (K-8)

It is time to pick up some STEAM in your classroom! This workshop will bring together subject association specialists and K to Grade 8 teachers to explore strategies to integrate Science & Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics in the classroom. Art, nature and technology go hand in hand. Discover various elements of STEAM using local environments with consideration of an Indigenous perspective. Experiment with a variety of applications including nature art, financial literacy, wearable technologies and design, and

build activities.


Click on Summer Institutes for more information or to register.

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