Zebrafish Live Embryos Liven Up Science

By Tamara Smith…

If you haven’t already heard about zebrafish and you teach science or biology, you may want to take a moment to see how this little fish can liven up the curriculum.

Having experienced working with this fish during my research years I am now hoping to bring it to the high school classroom with me.  My starting point was to see how others are using it, and what supports already exist.  There is a growing community in the U.S. (Fields et al., 2009; Hutson and Lang, 2009; Zebrafish abstracts 2012) that reports using these fish as part of the curriculum a great success as well as programs the likes of BioEYES or InSciEd Out that are partnership programs resulting in students having access to zebrafish embryos and research.  Below are a couple of videos that outline some of this work.

Click here to download Tamara’s entire post.



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