Bubble Science – Square Bubbles – Steve Spangler

Do square bubbles really exist? That’s the question of the day and the answer is yes… if you know the science secret. Our science guy Steve Spangler will show you how to have your family ooohing & ahhhing with this easy science experiment. Continue reading

Science Careers: An Interview with an Biomedical Engineer

Submitted by Leila Knetsch, TDSB.

Interview done by Gr. 11 student Amy Cao from Albert Campbell CI

Amy is a student of Leila Knetsch, her Biology teacher.  Amy called up the university, asked for the name of a female biomedical engineer and went downtown and did this interview.  I think that that shows a lot of initiative from my student and I think that people (students and teachers) can benefit from hearing about what different scientists are doing, especially in the area of biomedical engineering, which is garnering a lot of interest amongst students, especially young women.

Click here for the complete interview

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