Meet Canada’s Two New Astronauts – Canadian Space Agency

On June 17, 2016, the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) launched the fourth astronaut recruitment campaign of Canada’s history. Out of 3,772 applications from Canadians in every province and territory, as well as outside Canada, and after a one-year arduous selection process, just two candidates were selected to represent Canada’s new generation of space explorers. Continue reading

20 Million Animals Preserved In Alcohol – Earth Unplugged

The Spirit Collection in London’s Natural History Museum is home to over 20 million dead animal specimens, collected from around the world. They are preserved and kept for research and educational purposes. Lizzie Daly met up with Ollie Crimmen, Senior Curator of Fish to find out a little more. Continue reading

Mystery of 2,000-year-old Roman concrete solved by scientists | The Independent

Seawater makes ancient concrete stronger, so it lasts while modern structures crumble into the sea. Researchers have now discovered that elements in the volcanic substance react with sea water, strengthening the material  2,000 years after they were first erected, Ancient Roman harbours made from concrete are still standing across Europe.  Continue reading