It’s STAO Award Nomination Time!!!!!

Are you working with an outstanding colleague, someone who has inspired you in your career?

Have you wished that that person could be recognized for his/her contributions to the teaching of science?

STAO can help you with that recognition.


Consider the following Award categories: 

IRWIN TALESNICK AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE IN THE TEACHING OF SCIENCE: to recognize excellence in the teaching of science in Ontario.

JACK BELL AWARD FOR LEADERSHIP IN SCIENCE EDUCATION:  for STAO/APSO members who have demonstrated outstanding and sustained leadership in science education in Ontario over a period of many years.

STAO/APSO EMERITUS AWARD: for a STAO/APSO member upon retirement.

STAO/APSO MERIT AWARD: to recognize a member’s leadership and excellence in the teaching of science.

It’s not too late to nominate a colleague, a mentor, a respected educator for one of these STAO Awards.  Note that the nominator and nominee must be STAO members.


The link to the nomination forms can be found at


 Please forward this notification to all colleagues and ask them to forward to their distribution lists.  We want to recognize all deserving Ontario science educators.





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