How To Bring Stale Chips And Bread Back From The Dead

Nothing kills snack time quite like staleness. With football season right in front of us, so we wanted to offer you some pro tips on how to revitalized your stale snacks. Oh and of course, with a whole lot of chemistry for you to chomp on. Continue reading

Expanding Your Lungs


The human body requires oxygen to live.  This oxygen is used by the body, which then expels carbon dioxide.  As you sit in the chair, unconsciously your lungs pull in air about 30 times every minute, and push out carbon dioxide just as often. The diaphragm is a vital muscle that contributes to that mechanical activity as it pulls down the lungs which then expand taking in air.  How do the lungs and diaphragm work together to compete this work?

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The Characteristics of Electricity/Electrical Applications – Demo

circuitIn this demo, two circuits are constructed to enable comparison of the brightness of a light bulb placed in a circuit with one cell and the brightness of the same light bulb in a circuit with three cells connected in parallel. In Next Steps the potential differences of the two circuits are also compared.

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