Spoon Levers


A lever is one of six simple machines. All machines, no matter how complex, are forms of simple machines. Machines allow people to perform useful work or a specialized task. Levers, in particular, are used to reduce the amount of force required to move heavy loads. Examples of levers include crowbars, seesaws, wheelbarrows, and tongs.

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The Science of Spotting Fake Foods – Speaking of Chemistry

Food fraud often boils down to politics or semantics. Something labeled parmesan cheese may not come from Parma, for instance. But sometimes food producers try to feed us cheap fillers and other lies. In this episode of Speaking of Chemistry, Sophia Cai explains how scientists, regulators, and food makers are relying on chemistry to make sure consumers get what they pay for.

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General Safety Rules for Science Teachers – Flinn

flinn logoFlinn’s Science Department Safety Training Notes entitled, “General Safety Rules for Science Teachers,” is a timely reminder of the importance of safety as educators continue the momentum to deliver fun and interesting science lessons to their students.  To download the free copy, go to:http://flinnsci.ca/pages/march-safety-training-notes

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