STAO School Memberships

A Word About School Memberships

STAO offers 3 types of school memberships, each of which provides significant savings and benefits to schools.


STAO offers a large school membership for schools that have 1000 students or more, and a small school membership for those with less than 1000 students. These memberships run from September 15 of one year to September 14 of the following year.

These special memberships allow any teacher in the school to become a member of STAO at the one low school membership fee.

If your school had a school membership during the last school year:

  • that membership will expire on September 15, 2016;
  • the teacher who purchased this membership will receive correspondence from STAO describing how to renew the membership;
  • if you are the lead teacher in your school, we encourage you to act on the membership renewal letter that you receive.

If your school does not have a school membership, please talk to your department head or administration to encourage them to take advantage of this money-saving offer.


This membership allows any elementary school to join with one teacher being identified as the lead teacher. In addition to regular membership benefits, this membership allows the school to send one teacher to conference on each of the three days of conference for a single registration fee. The link for this membership is found here.