Teacher 3D Prints New Webbed Feet For Phillip The Duck

Phillip the duck has two new feet, thanks to a 3D printer and a middle-school teacher, Wisconsin TV station WBAY reported. Vicki Rabe-Harrison saw a picture of the duck, with his feet dried up from frostbite, and she instantly took him in. Since Phillip the duck had lost his feet and couldn’t walk, or waddle, Rabe-Harrison said there was little choice but to euthanize Phillip. “We literally were an hour away from putting him down,” she said. Then, she got a call from Jason Jischke. Jischke, a middle school teacher at South Park Middle School, had a 3D printer in his classroom and had made videos using the technology and posted them online. Rabe-Harrison saw one of his videos and emailed the teacher, asking for his help in making Phillip a new pair of feet. “The initial email I thought…is this for real?” Jischke said to WBAY. He called Rabe-Harrison and told her to not to put Phillip down, and that he was making the feet right then.



Satellite for Dinner

Satellite for Dinner

Written by Goda Cutajar, a 2015 Galbraith winner from the University of Western Ontario.

Students are to conduct a research on satellite designs and experiments that were performed in space (also covered in class). The students are required to draft a design and build a 3D model of the satellite using a wide variety of food products. Moreover, students have to make sure that the satellite is equipped to accommodate the desired science experiment. The students will then have to introduce the expected results of the experiment and their application(s) on Earth in a 1-3 page proposal paper.

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