Edison etc.

This activity is best done on a dry day.  Using a balloon, you can steal loose electrons from a person’s hair by rubbing the balloon on their hair.  This creates a negative charge on the balloon.  As with magnets, opposite charges attract and like charges repel.  A series of investigations can be done using the negatively charged balloon.  Prior experiences with magnets are recommended.

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A Brief History of the AIDS Epidemic – World Science Festival

aids wsf

In the more than three decades since researchers started seeing the first signs of AIDS, millions have lost their lives hoping modern medicine might produce a cure in time. While a cure still eludes the brightest minds, treatment for people who have AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome) has come a long way.

For instance, someone who suspects they are at risk today can take a daily pill, Truvala, also known as PrEP, that proactively minimizes the likelihood he will contract HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. Projects to reduce the spread of AIDS in the United States and Africa have made excellent headway thanks to a collaboration between international organizations led by the U.S. government, the United Nations, the World Health Organization, and partners around the world.

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How to Make a Lac Operon Using Dollar Store Items

Lac Operon

Written by Bassam El Masriitten, a 2015 Galbraith winner from the University of Ontario Institute of Technology

After teaching DNA replication and protein synthesis (transcription and translation), students are expected to be familiar with the mechanisms that control gene expression. A commonly studied example, in prokaryotes, is the Lac Operon (inducible model) and/or the Trp Operon (repressible model).

The procedure that follows outlines the steps for a teacher to build a Lac Operon model in order to demonstrate to the whole class how an operon functions. Students should be given time in class to look closely at the model themselves and manipulate it in order to better grasp the concept and be able to complete the assignment which follows.

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