Growth and Changes in Plants – Lesson

Written by Amrina Visram

Labeled PlantThe following two lessons are developed around the culminating mini marsh assignment that covers grade 3 specifics of the Science strand, Understanding Life Systems, Growth, and Changes in Plants. The first lesson is an introductory assignment where students independently create a plant from plasticine. This lesson touches on three curriculums: Science, The Arts, and Language.  Students will learn to properly label and identify the function of the plant parts. The assessment tool used for the first lesson will be a checklist to coincide with the worksheet expectations. The second lesson plan is the summative assignment where students work in groups of three to make final observations, measurements, conclusions, while identifying similarities and differences of the growth and development stages of the mini marsh plants. Students will be able to express the impact humans have on plant growth and present this knowledge to the class using a digital tool.  This lesson meets curriculum expectations from Science, Language, and Math. Two assessment tools are used, a checklist for self-assessment and a rubric for summative assessment.

Click here to download the complete lesson.

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