Cell Biology Lesson

CellanologyWritten by Rebecca Johnson

The lesson contains science expectations 1.1, 2.2, and 3.3. The student activity involves using microscope observation skills and inquiry-based activities to comprehend the differences between plant and animal cells. Students will be assessed through a check brick on their ability to use a microscope, a rubric on their illustrations, and an exit card to reflect assessment of learning. Students are also required to demonstrate correct spelling habits, as in language writing expectation 3.1, and create a visually appealing illustration, as in visual arts expectation D 1.3. For this lesson, I have included exercises that I remember completing in my grade 8 cell unit. I have then signaturized these exercises by integrating discover or inquiry-based comprehension into the lesson. Further, by allowing students to work in small groups and giving them time to explore topics on their own, I feel that I have included a variety of learning strategies in my lesson that will cater to student needs and abilities.

Click here to download the complete lesson. 

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