What Happens If You Stop Using Shampoo?

Thanks to chemistry, the products we use to clean and style our hair have evolved over decades — even centuries. How do hairsprays protect your hair while keeping it flexible and light? How do shampoos work, and why are some people choosing to dump the lather altogether? This week, “Ms. Beautyphile” Trina Espinoza and Lex Fleming from “Made U Look” join us in the New York City YouTube Space to explain the science behind hair care.

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Cell Biology Lesson

CellanologyWritten by Rebecca Johnson

The lesson contains science expectations 1.1, 2.2, and 3.3. The student activity involves using microscope observation skills and inquiry-based activities to comprehend the differences between plant and animal cells. Students will be assessed through a check brick on their ability to use a microscope, a rubric on their illustrations, and an exit card to reflect assessment of learning. Students are also required to demonstrate correct spelling habits, as in language writing expectation 3.1, and create a visually appealing illustration, as in visual arts expectation D 1.3. For this lesson, I have included exercises that I remember completing in my grade 8 cell unit. I have then signaturized these exercises by integrating discover or inquiry-based comprehension into the lesson. Further, by allowing students to work in small groups and giving them time to explore topics on their own, I feel that I have included a variety of learning strategies in my lesson that will cater to student needs and abilities.

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Steve Spangler Ultimate Can Crush

On this episode of The Spangler Effect, fire, ice and a steel drum are all Steve needs for his final experiment. But don’t worry… you’ll learn how to perform the classic Can Crusher trick using an ordinary soda can and a little atmospheric pressure. Get a behind the scenes look at what happens as Steve and his team prepare for his next appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres Show.
The Spangler Effect
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