How blood pressure works – Wilfred Manzano

If you lined up all the blood vessels in your body, they’d be 60 thousand miles long. And every day, they carry the equivalent of over two thousand gallons of blood to the body’s tissues. What effect does this pressure have on the walls of the blood vessels? Wilfred Manzano gives the facts on blood pressure.

Lesson by Wilfred Manzano, animation by Fox Animation Domination High-Def.

SciNews Thursday, March 10, 2016

Alligators protect nests; ouchless measles vaccine; microbial vandals destroying art; rethink pipelines; air pollutants kill; deep ocean noisy; new devices to assist disabled; oceans cool 3.5 billion years ago – just a few of the themes in today’s eclectic collection of SciNews.  Share these stories with your students and get them excited about science.

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