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New Bundles Available from the STAO Store

The STAOScienceStore has bundled together certain resources. These are available as a package at a reduced cost. Each package is listed below and is found in the STAOScienceStore here.

Elementary Resource & Safety Bundle
Extremely Elementary 2 $21
Safety in Elementary Science and technology $15
Hard to Teach Science concepts $30
Total value $66 – bundle price $50

Life Sciences Bundle
Once Upon Life Science $20
Everyday Life Science Mysteries $25.95
Buzz into Action $24
Total value $69.95 – bundle price $49.95

Elementary Resource Bundle
Frugal Science Teacher (prek-5) $20
Uncovering Student Ideas vol3 $31.95
Hard to Teach Science Concepts $30
Total value $81.95 – bundle price 61.95

Middle School Bundle
Help I’m teaching Middle school $20
Doing Good Science in Middle school $36.95
Safe ON Science $12
Total value $68.95 – Bundle price $56.95

Stop Faking It!
Air, Water, Weather $20
More chemistry $24.95
Energy $20
Total value 64.95 – bundle price 44.95

CD Bundle
Buy 2 get one free (Optics, Climate Change and Electricity)
Total value $60 – bundle price $40

Optics Bundle
6 kits $30
cd $20
Periscope $25
Total value $75 – bundle price $55

Chemistry Bundle
A Different Approach to Chemistry Labs, $24
Lab Recipes $12
Safer Use of Chemicals $20
Total value $56 – bundle price $45

Dr Science
All prices are reduced up to 20% and resources are listed here.

OAJE – Essentially Science & Technology
All prices reduced up to 15% and resources are listed here.