SciNews January 21, 2016

Iceman may have had tummy ache, charting growth of very old baby, parents and children share mites with similar genes, 4 new elements on periodic table, award winning video of hummingbird flight, shaking up Einstein’s theory of general relativity, possibly the most powerful supernova, satellites keep an eye on earth – just a few of the themes in today’s eclectic collection of SciNews.  Share these stories with your students and get them excited about science.

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Honey is Really Bee Puke

Honey is great. It’s perfect for drizzling over your toast or stirring into your tea, it’s also the special ingredient in your favorite lip balm. What most people don’t know is that during the trip from the flower in the field to the jar on your table, honey spends an awful lot of time in a bee’s gut.

Mystery Boxes

Mystery box

This investigation would serve well as a formative or summative assessment.  Students will be working with mystery boxes that contain materials they would have previously worked with.  These mystery boxes will have been previously set up by the teacher and the students will have had previous classes on circuits and electromagnets.

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