Using Veritech Tiles for Gr. 9 Science – Classification of Matter and Physical Properties

By Leila Knetsch.

Variation in instructional strategies is important in the science classroom. As a kinaesthetic/visual learner myself, I have always appreciated the hands-on learning of laboratory work in the science classroom. However, there are other ways to have hands-on learning and one of them is to use Veritech tiles. The picture below shows the set with an elementary workbook but you have to imagine a green tray with a clear lid. The students move the tiles off the green tray and bring them back into the tray as they match them. When they are done, they flip them over, and look at the pattern formed on the other side! It’s quick and excellent feedback for them.

You simply create (or use the two samples below) a list of matching terms and descriptions and use the numbered tiles and tray to make a match. The beauty of it is that you can check your answers instantly because there are 64 different combinations of patterns (series of Vs, arrows, inverted triangles, etc.) that can be checked instantly! If you are an enterprising person, you could create different versions of the same thing and use it as a quiz where students actually hand in the tray of tiles and you could count the ones that they had wrong.

Veritech tiles

(Editor’s Note: The author’s first article on this topic was developed for grade 12 Biology. You may see that article at: ).

Click here for data sheets 

Curriculum Connection: Grade 9 Chemistry

Leila Knetsch is the ACL of Science at Albert Campbell CI. She is currently interested in incorporating literacy and technology into science. Leila may be reached at .


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