Slow Motion Contact Explosive – Nitrogen Triiodide

Nitrogen triiodide is a highly unstable substance that detonates when disturbed. So we disturbed it.
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And if you can explain what’s going on with the flash of light, let us know! Continue reading

STAO Membership Reminder


STAO Membecelebrating sciencership Reminder  

With the conference just around the corner, it’s time to ensure your individual membership is up to date.  It’s as simple as clicking on this link to the STAO Store.



While you’re there, check out a school membership.  It might be the right option for you and your colleagues.

The first 50 individual membership renewals in September receive an official STAO/APSO Vabene stylus pen.stylus pen

Five more reasons to renew:

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Internal and External Forces and The Three Little Pigs

archBy Susan Ibdah

This paper outlines a cross-curricular lesson between Science and Language Arts. The focus is internal forces and external forces acting on structures. Students will apply their knowledge of forces and stabilization to build houses in the context of the True Story of the Three Little Pigs. Continue reading