The Inverted Glass Harp

By Dan Quinn

A new variation on an old party trick: filling several wine glasses to different heights makes a “glass harp”, so submerging one empty glass in a basin of water is an “inverted glass harp”. It’s not the prettiest sounding instrument, but with enough practice, you could at least amuse your dinner guests. Learn more about inverted glass harps here:….

Special thanks to Brian Rosenberg, co-discoverer of the inverted glass harp, and thanks to Alexa Miller for comments/critiques and my dad for the ukulele!

Music is Anthem by Emancipator.

Disclaimer: some clips were pitch-adjusted for musical purposes, but always uniformly and never by more than a couple whole steps. The exception is the ruler footage at the end, which was adjusted with reckless abandon and is meant for comic relief.

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