Endothermic Reactions Demo

A room-temperature white solid in a bag is exposed to water. Upon mixing, the material in the bag becomes cold to the touch. The reaction occurring in the bag is absorbing heat from the environment, causing the area around the reaction to become cold.

5 Bags containing Ammonium Nitrate and Vermiculite

Safety Goggles, Gloves, Lab Apron. Ammonium Nitrate may explode if contaminated and accidentally heated. Its dust is an irritant to eyes and lungs. Some boards recommend that Ammonium Nitrate be used by teachers only, and in small quantities, NOT by students. It is strongly recommended by STAO that this activity be done as a demonstration by the teacher, and not by the students.

Curriculum Connection: Grade 10 Chemistry, Academic and Applied; Grade 11 and 12U Chemistry.

Click here to download the activity

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