DIY Cleaning Hacks (Chemistry Life Hacks Vol. 6)

Ever run out of your go-to cleaning product and you’ve got a mess that you just can’t leave alone? Have no fear, chemistry is here. Our latest Chemistry Life Hacks video explains how to make your own glass cleaner, keep red wine from staining your carpet and why spit, yes spit, can also be a great cleaning product.
[NOTE: The previous version of this video had a glitch in it — D’OH! It’s fixed here.]

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Kirk Zamieroski – Writer & Producer
Darcy Gentleman, PhD – Scientific Consultant
Matt Hartings, PhD – Scientific Consultant
Noel Waghorn – Lead Writer/Producer
Adam Dylewski – Executive Producer

Creative Commons music from Jamendo:
Robert Daglio – Bisbossa
Mako Yama – At Starry Night

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