The Science of Santa

Happy Holidays! Ever wonder how Santa could possibly manage to deliver all those presents in a single night? Or what gives red-nosed reindeer the ability to fly? And why do your Christmas lights get tangled in knots no matter how carefully you put the away?!

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9 Amazing Photos That Tell The Biggest Space Stories Of 2014 | World Science Festival

2014 isn’t over yet, but we’ve already seen a wealth of awesome space discoveries, often accompanied by stunning imagery. In honor of this year’s United Nations World Space Week, we’ve compiled some of our favorite space images—from stunning nebulas to the closest-ever views of a comet captured by an intrepid spacecraft to artists’ impressions of far-flung worlds.

via World Science Festival 9 Amazing Photos That Tell The Biggest Space Stories Of 2014 | World Science Festival.

Forensic Evidence Is No Guarantee of Justice | World Science Festival

A spatter of blood or a twist of fiber found at a crime scene is rarely the smoking gun our TV fiction promises, and evidence can be interpreted in multiple ways by different experts. But forensic science sounds like the final word, and can sometimes tip the scales in a courtroom, even though the general public—and more critically, juries—don’t always realize just how subjective its application can be. Continue reading